'A Natural History of Dragons' Foldable Artwork & Creative CV
This piece of foldable artwork was created for the Creative CV and self-promotion competition run by my university's career service. The idea was that it would accompany the CV and could be easily folded but in an envelope to be used as a mailable. 

The artwork on it is based, very loosely, on a book I was reading at the time 'Voyage of the Basilisk' the third instalment in the 'A Natural History of Dragons' series by Marie Brenan. Each panel portrays a different species of dragon encountered by Isabella (the protagonist of the book) in her journey, from left to right it shows the Sea Serpent, the Fire Lizards and the Quetzalcoatl. 
Above: Images of the printed and assembled foldable. I put these together as part of my entry so the judges could see how it work since I had to submit work digitally. From Left to right you can see it unfolded, unfolding and then in its folded-up form.  

Below: The Creative CV I made to accompany the foldable, using artwork from it that had been re-contextualised. The image on the right is all of the work shown together, the foldable, a custom printed envelope to put it in and the CV. My entry came in 3rd, which I'm quite proud of. 
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