Colossal Griffin Creature Design using Blender and Procreate
This was part of my dissertation project during my final year at University, for it I was looking at creature design (through studying animal anatomy) and trying to learn Blender along the way and this was the result. 

Above are just a few of the animal anatomy sketches and notes I made on research trips to museums and Zoological Gardens. I wanted to include them because of how much I enjoyed making them and to give a sense of the development work that went on.
These were some of the images within my sketchbook that eventually lead to the modelling of the Griffin. 
Next, there are a few of my earlier renders as I struggled to get the image looking the way I wanted it to, still being very new to Blender at the time. I found modelling the wings, especially challenging and hope it's something I can improve on in future. 
Below are what I submitted as 'final' pieces for the project, as I still hadn't mastered remeshing and UV unwrapping I used Procreate to draw over the renders and add the details I wasn't yet adept enough to in Blender such as feathers, fur, eyes and a beak. 
Doing it this way was a result of being technically challenged, however, I really like how it turned out and feel like it gave me a more stylised final piece with a smaller turnaround time. 
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