Carry On My Wayward Sketchbook
Carry On My Wayward sketchbook is a giant piece of fan art started at the end of 2020 after the end of the TV series Supernatural. Honestly, it's the project I pick up whenever I need to destress because it's not really for anything- it's just fun. The idea was to draw an image for each episode of the first five seasons in a 30-page concertina sketchbook (for those bad at math that's about 6 pages per season). So far I've finished season 1 and am pencilling in season 2, the work moving slowly because of how intermittently I get the time to work on it. 
Above: View of all the pen work done at the completion of Season 1. Pages were individually scanned in and the artwork was pieced back together using Photoshop. 
Above: Photograph of the actual sketchbook, taken while finishing Season 1.
Above: Best images of individual episodes. From Left to Right, Bloody Mary S1 E5, Nightmare S1 E15 and Hell House S1 E17.
Below: Best drawings of faces (I think my figure drawing got significantly better over the course of the project). From Left to right, Unnamed Reaper, Mary Winchester, John Winchester and Missy Bender. 
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