I have always loved to draw and create things, but I never believed that I’d be able to do this. I was told, that art isn't something you can earn a living at. So I tried hard and failed spectacularly at quite a few things before returning to creative work. 
I worked hard, made a Portfolio and got accepted to university. I loved it all. The creative 
atmosphere, the hum of a busy studio, seeing everyone's work, the mad conversations that could take place at tutorials, the books of essays and ‘art of’ books tucked away on the bottom floor of the library. Every module, every moment, was an adventure- a valuable lesson in creativity. 
I knew from the first day I was in the right place. This is the work I love, the thing I was made for. 
I graduated with BA in Hons Illustration from the University of Plymouth at 2:1 and ever since I’ve continued to take on freelance clients and do creative work. I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people on that planet that I get to do this every day. 
When I’m not drawing (or painting, or printing, or editing) I enjoy drinking hot chocolate, reading fantasy novels, sea swimming and going for long walks to take in some of the beautiful scenery in the historic barbican area of Plymouth where I live. 
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